ruhrsummit 2017

Between 14 and 20 October 2017 a summit of the winners of the international tournament among highs-tech start-uppers took place in Germany. The event was supported by the German Economy Representative office in the Republic of Belarus.

The agenda of the tour included:

- acquaintance with the most dynamic start-ups in Berlin,

- meetings and ascertaining contacts with German companies and investors in Hamburg, Dortmund and Berlin,

- networking with more than 300 start-uppers and representatives of major corporations and top-speakers within one of the most influential start-up forums in Germany, Ruhrsummit (Dortmund)

and much more.

The program is new for the Republic of Belarus. A main goal persued in organising it was establishing direct contacts between the IT companies offering there new technical solutions on the stage of their market testing from one side and major international companies, German middle class business, potential technologies developers and investors from another side.

It seems obvious that creating and further developing a foundation for this kind of prospective and scalable start-ups as

CADOobject that we introduced during our tour Start.Up! Germany is an important contribution into the growth of economy and also a convenient opportunity for optimising work of many departments and whole organisations in the state sector and private businesses of various specialisations. 

Summarising the tour outcomes we should highly positively mark a professional and deeply interested approach of our team to the development of CADOobject project and introducing it as a part of working environment of German and international companies with the same success that had been achieved by cooperation in this field with Belarusian companies. Our winning in the Belarusian start-up tournament allowed us to represent our project to attention of the German manufactures, potential technologies developers, clients and investors which may turn into a multi beneficial cooperation for all parties.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017