Property GIS designed to unify the accounting and managing information about the enterprise’ property. It also helps to unify approaches of monitoring, management, updating and processing information about land and real estate items. The solution can interface with other business systems, including facility management, accounting and document management software.

System provides the connection between the land records system and the enterprise GIS, giving the company personnel access to the property information. Almost overnight, two separate automation plans became one integrated project. The system creates the unified record of property item. This record consist on real-time geoinformational data from National Property Register and other business systems. It allows users to enter, edit and manage information about land and real estate items.

PropertyGIS is created for Departments of State Property Management and the companies that have big amount of land and real estate items. The solution focuses on harnessing the spatial, environmental, financial and human resources in the business. It can works in:
    Land use;
    Oil & Gas;
    Municipal government;

We build up and implement Real Estate Management solution that met all the requirements set by customer. The system supports the following processes:

    quick access to the data on all property items;
    common information environment, enabling data exchange between the Property Management solution and the ERP system;
    eliminated double entry of data in different systems.
    scaled back report making process and real estate inventory taking;
    two perspectives of delivering information: architectural (details and technical features) and usage perspective (market-based, accounting, audit, and in-house real estate valuation);
    ensuring functionality of the built environment by integrating people, places and technology processes across geographical space and various spatial scales.

    acquisition and real time updating data of National Property Register;
    acquisition and real time updating of enterprise’ accounting data;
    entering and forming of industry data;
    storage the basic real estate documentation (storing, retrieving and managing the rights, obligations and ownership in rights of way, leases and other land agreements);
    preparing analytical reports.

GIS Data Sources
    Digitized and scanned maps (purchased or free), might be created by user;
    National Property Register (daily real-time updated);
    Data bases;
    GPS and GLONASS;
    Enterprise’ accounting;
    Remote sensing and aerial photography.

Application Framework
GIS data stored in a real-world spatial system (X and Y Coordinates), a database system with make it suitable analysis across an estate, district, region, country and the world.

Property Management system
    Users management modul;
    Access management modul.

Acquisition and processing data system
    Updating and processing National Real Estate Register data;
    Updating and processing accounting data.

Identification and monitoring data
    Identification National Real Estate Register and accounting data;
    Monitoring inbound data;
    Entering and change inbound data modul.

Unified system for Real Estate and Land Property accounting
    Item’s accounting;

PropertyGIS allows to property managers visualize and make requests about availability, size, assets, users and constraints to effective use of property item.

System creates unified record for every property item that contains information about all necessary documents (storing, retrieving and managing the rights, obligations and ownership in rights of way, leases and other land agreements).


System helps to manage property, store the information about every element of infrastructure.