The project involved capturing large amounts of data, creating 2D and 3D datasets in several data formats, supporting the interoperability of the data and management of datasets in a single repository.
Using The Open Street Map, our team can create, maintain, and disseminate 3D information  and provided multi-user access to the database through direct connection.
3D map data and models can be shared among organizations and persons that have interest and can support Smart City initiative which involves innovative and comprehensive use of technology and research to improve quality of life and business opportunities. The use of open standards and services will enable stakeholders to use the data immediately without revamping their existing computer systems. The common information model, CityGML, facilitates the linking of data, computer systems, and services. This will reduce costs associated with interoperability issues.
We work closely with our clients during the implementation schema and delivering technical support and maintenance later. Our Maps allow the creation, maintenance, and dissemination of 3D information as a single source of truth. Storing 3D information allows Maps to disseminate different formats directly. This facilitates data sharing across different platforms while maintaining data integrity.