Currently the company offers a wide range of high-tech software that provide complex automation of commercial banking activities, also the software is used for electronic archives, information protection, analytical systems for organizations of financial and state sector.

The company has successfully implemented projects related to the centralization of banking business processes, transfer of these business processes to a paperless electronic document circulation and projects on creation of self-service banking systems, as well as for building monitoring systems, including the optimization of cash flow, cash management.

The L’RISE is intended to increase the bank functioning effectiveness at the market of retail banking services and the quality of client support at the expense of business processes automation.
The module includes the following product groups:
  • Current accounts and deposits
  • Payments
  • Loans to clients (individuals)
  • Bank plastic cards
  • Operations with bank plastic cards
  • Insurance mediation agent
  • Placement of bonds
  • Saving certificates
  • Express-remittances
  • International remittances
  • Lotteries
  • Proceeds from individuals and legal entities
  • Exchange office (C)
The L’BRUS is a bank informational-accounting system. In the system the business processes on legal entities and individuals support are automated.
The module includes the following product groups:
  • Unified client’s dossier
  • Settlement and cash services
  • Package services for legal entities
  • Remote banking services
  • Remittances in local and foreign currency
  • Deposit contracts of legal entities
  • Foreign trade agreements
  • Charity accounts
  • Front office
  • Income of private clients, derived from abroad
  • Interaction with external systems
  • Daily and scheduled reporting
  • Electronic archive
  • Straight-through processing (STP)
The L’Q is one of the main elements of bank business processes management. The main purpose of L’Q is to optimize and quicken the process of administrative decisions making.
The module includes the following product groups:
  • Analysis of bank client base "ABBC"
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Graphical analysis
  • National and international financial reporting
  • Special forms
  • Letters of credit
  • Interrelated clients
  • Centralized requests
  • Promissory notes and deposit certificates
  • Account of ex-pit transactions with securities
  • Loan ratings of clients (legal entities)
  • Loan memorandum
  • Affiliated persons of the bank
  • Ground areas
  • Permission of data correction for the reporting forms
  • Limits of loan debt
  • Representation of archive
  • Exchange rates
  • Internal banking transactions
  • Schedule of regulation works
  • Bank related parties
  • Reference books
  • Interaction with a client
The L’ARCH is automated system, which is intended for the accounting and guaranteed storage, search and external representation of legally significant documents.
The module includes the following product groups:
  • Archive of bank electronic documents
The L’STREAM is a payment management system which is intended for the control and maintenance of payments flow of bank branches on accounts of other bank branches.
The module includes the following product groups:
  • Payments management center
  • Transit files processing