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CADObject -development of analytic systems based on CAD

CADObject is a unique development of  «ExonIT», which allows to develop application systems and web-based services that  organize theinteraction between CAD and GIS applications.

The main difference ofCADObject from standard methods of data exchange between CAD and GIS is the creation of an object model of data during conversion. Such approach allows to construct analytic systems of any level of complexity and to use all the analytic and mathematical tool of GIS and CAD for data analysis and representation, including those obtained by CAD design.

Many of the graphics primitives of CAD chart are unconnected. That is why conversion and saving an object in the database by means of standard methods may result in a number of unconnected objects (lines, dots, polygons).  From their properties it’s not clear what object each graphics primitive belongs to. The result of such conversion is a graphical representation consisting of a set of unconnected to each other objects. It’s impossible to build any analytical systems based on such solutions.

During the conversionwith the use of CADObject the recognition and integration of graphics primitives into separate objects take place in accordance with the designed classifier.An object conforms to a unique to each object database record, which allows constructing spatial analytic solutions of any complexity level. These objects correspond with  unique record for each object in the database. This is the way object data model is created.  This object data model allows to create analyticalspatial solutions, while maintaining the display of objects identical to CAD.

Analytic systems, based on the object-oriented approach, are widely adopted in the spheres where it is required to design and develop a system using spatial data that are received from various sources:

  • Public administration;
  • Municipalities;
  • Community facilities;
  • Road/railway service;
  • Oil & gas industry;
  • Extraction of mineral resources
  • Etc.

CADObject: CAD to GIS

             a)                                                              b)                                                                              c)


Pic.1. An example of data conversion from CAD to GIS with the creation of object data model and building analytic system on its basis. Project «Certification of the Objects of Railway Infrastructure» ( «ORI Certification») :

a.Each object consists of a set of primitives with corresponding set of records in the database.

b. Converting data into GIS format with the creation of the object model. Each object corresponds to only record in the table and one graphic image.

c. Development of analytic systems based on object data model.


Combining such systems via API with tracking, logistic, cadastral and other systems allows to get qualitatively new products that solve a wide range of tasks previously unavailable to users.