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Mapping services and object data model

Services, developed by our company, allow users to work with spatial information online:
  • storage of spatial information;
  • visualization of spatial objects;
  • execution of spatial queries;
  • search for objects by attribute information;
  • creation / editing of spatial objects;
  • etc.

Object Data Model

Not all spatial data offered for publication was originally converted to objects.Often, each object consists of many of unrelated graphics primitives.The problem is especially acute for developing GIS based on documents that had been created using Autocad tools.It is impossible to build analytical solutions based on graphic primitives.

Object data model is a way out of this situation.We can use all the extensive GIS tools for working with information obtained from CAD after the transformation of data into an object model and organized all further work with the object representation of the data.

A distinctive feature of data object model, developed by our company mode is a way of storing information when each object of infrastructure (path, arrow, etc.) correspond to one record in the database and there is only one recording field in this record, responsible for the graphical representation of the object. The visual objects representation is maintained.

Object representation of data allows to work with CAD objects the same way as with GIS objects, create analytical systems of different levels of complexity and carry out towards them all available for GIS operations:

  • Receiving attribute information about the object;
  • execution of spatial queries;
  • editing Objects online;
  • etc.

Integration with third-party systems

The use of object data model in mapping services that has been developed by our company, allows to associate to each object the record in the database, which simplifies greatly the interoperability of the developed systems with third-party data source.

One of the examples of interaction of the system with third-party systems is integration of the project that has been developed for Belarusian Railways with data of National Cadastre Agency (NCA). The system receives the information on parcels of land belonging to Belarusian Railways, where the objects of Belarusian Railways are located. Thereby, it greatly simplifies such things as inventory, comparing own information with information from NCA, etc.

Also, the system developed by our company is integrated with tracking system.It allows to track the moving objects on-line.

Our company has implemented a number of cartographic projects based on this approach for Belarusian Railways, State centre of cartographic and geodetic data of the Republic of Belarus, etc.


The systems that we develop can be based both on open source software and commercial products.
Open source-based software development
Development based on commercial software

In addition we use our own developments in the field of geographic information systems.

Field of application of mapping services

Approaches that are used in developing systems can be used in many areas, where geographical basis is important:
  • GIS for GIS for Municipalities;
  • Oil and gas industry;
  • telecommunication;
  • Natural resource management;
  • etc.

Many different kinds of monitoring systems can be developed on the basis of our developed system. It is easy to find the necessary objects, including underground by providing employees with tablets with GPS sensors.

The list of solved problems is very extensive:

  • Business processes optimization
  • Decision making support
  • Monitoring of networks and other objects
  • Emergency monitoring
  • Inventory
About 80-90% of all the information consists of, or includes geospatial data, i.e. different information about objects, events and processes distributed on the territory or space
Project : Development of complex software for Belarusian Railway
Customer : «Belarusian Railway»
Project description : This automated system provides collection, storage, analysis and graphic visualization of spatial data of Belarusian Railway infrastructure. The system has a cartographic base that allows to create graphic object and to adapt cartographic data according to project requirements including formation of specialized spatial databases.
Project : Geoportal for State centre of cartographic and geodetic data of the Republic of Belarus.
Customer : «State centre of cartographic and geodetic data of the Republic of Belarus»
Project description : This web-portal has been developed as a part of state program «E-government». It provides the whole cartographic information about the country, including photomaps, cadastral maps, air photos etc. There are about 10 million different information items in the database.