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Business School "INBISH"

Information Business School «Inbish» provides services in the field of professional education since 2000. The history of the company «Inbish» consists of two main stages:   

·         up to 2008; this stage lasted more than 8 years: the main part of the team was formed during this time, the main goals were determined and principles andtraditions were established.

·         since 2008 until now–the stage of the school development under a new brand name  «INBISH»

The mission of the school is to meet the interests and needs of customers in quality education.

InformationBusiness School «Inbish» offer actual,practical usefulinformation to everyone who would like to raise their qualification level.

Mainprinciples of work :

  • Individual solutions—they defined by the specificity of the client’s business
  • Professionalism— the training programs are defined by the professionalpractical experienceof people who work in our team.
  • Efficiency –we respond quickly to changes on the labor market and constantly develop  new training programs and seminars taking  into account this changes.