CADObject is a unique development of "ExonIT" LLC which allows to create application systems and WEB-services that provide interaction between CAD and GIS apps.
What key benefits will you get from using our solution?
-  Creation and managing project documentation exact the customer's requirements;
-  Decreasing the operational costs thanks to real time updating of documentation;
-  Maintenance the history of the object lifecycle with instant access to the needed information in real time;
-  Integration with existing enterprises' systems.
Base tasks, that can be easily decided with our program module:    
- recognition of different objects in CAD draw,
- verification of these objects,
- transfering objects into spatial data with preservation original design identic to the CAD source,
- preservation of the history of objects' changes,
- preservation of the original drawings in the file storage,
- reverse unloading objects to CAD format.
The main difference between CADObject and other similar products is, that in process of data exchange between CAD and GIS, CADObject creates an object data model whilst converting. During this process  all the standart graphic symbols are recognized, united into separate objects according to a certain classifier and  transferred to a spatial database. Each object has a specific entry in the database, which allows developing analytical spatial solutions.
Analytic systems based on the object-oriented approach are widely adopted in the spheres, where it is required to design and develop a system, using spatial data, received from various sources, for example:
- government services;
- utility services;
- road/railway services;
- oil & gas industry;
- mining etc.
This approach can also be implemented for streamlining decision making processes, and reducing inefficiencies during such project phases as planning, design, and execution.
The combination of such systems with tracking, logistics, cadastral, and other systems (via APIs) allows the development of new high quality products that fulfil a wide range of tasks.